Our Story

Hello, and thank you for stopping by to take a look at Two Dogs Painting, located in Raleigh, NC and serving Wake, Durham, Orange & Johnston Counties. My name is Steve Jernigan and I, along with my wife, Alisa own Two Dogs Painting. Both of us have been a part of corporate America for the majority of our careers. I worked as a franchise business consultant assisting franchisees to optimize and maximize their businesses and Alisa is still working at a large CRO in the Research Triangle Park.

We opened our company in January of 2016. When we decided to open this business, we had limited knowledge of the painting industry, but I knew it was time for us to step out on the road to entrepreneurship. I believe I bring a unique skill set to the industry from my background of sales, operations management, and customer service. As is the case with any new venture, there is a learning curve and life can be challenging from time to time. We certainly have been tested and learned a lot through the challenges and the graceful help of others. We decided to join organizations that can provide us guidance and support in our endeavor. Their input has been invaluable!

In any service related industry, there are many variables to consider, in our industry every client is different. Since opening, we have completed numerous projects and have developed a wide range of experience and knowledge that allows us to service all our varying clients.

Many clients have asked, “Where did the name Two Dogs Painting come from?”. Candidly, my wife and I were discussing what to name our company and we couldn’t agree on a single name. Then as we’re having this discussion, our two dogs (Spencer & Scarlett) decided it was time to play one of their maddening games in the living room. Thus, Two Dogs Painting was born.

I am passionate about helping people achieve their desired results. I know that the painting industry has a less than a great reputation, and I hope that I am able to change that attitude, one client at a time. I want to be known as the company that can and will help our clients achieve their dreams and goals in helping them bring their vision to life.

I promise you that we will follow these core values.

We PRACTICE effective communication
We PRACTICE delivering on our Promises to YOU
We PRACTICE Transparency
We PRACTICE Honesty and Integrity

Two Dogs Painting