Interior Pricing


Interior Pricing Guide Line

Small Room 10×12

Wall Surface (2 coats)352 s/f$193.60
Baseboard (1 coat)44 linear Ft$ 79.20
Ceiling (1 coat)120 s/f$72.00
Window Casing (1 coat)Per Unit$22.00
Door & Casing (1 coat)Per Side$25.00
Surface PrepPer Hour$45.00

Medium Room 12 x 15

Wall Surface (2 coats)432s/f$237.60
Baseboard (1 coat)54 linear Ft$97.92
Ceiling (1 coat)180 s/f$108.00
Window CasingPer Unit$22.00
Door & CasingPer Side$25.00
Surface PrepPer Hour$45.00

Large Room 18 x 15

Wall Surface (2 coats528 s/f$237.60
Baseboard (1 coat)66 linear Ft$102.32
Ceiling (1 coat)270 s/f$108.00
Window CasingPer Unit$ 22.00
Door & CasingPer Side$25.00
Surface PrepPer Hour$45.00

Prices are calculated using a ceiling height of eight feet. The Pricing List serves as a guide only and not an offer. While the prices are accurate, other conditions may affect the overall price such as surface conditions, color change or paint selection.